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The Kik'n Jack Saloon
Like most Western Towns, the saloon in Jamestown is the first building up and ready for business.
This was my first Showcase Miniatures kit. I read about it in my e-newsletter on Friday 1/28/05 and ordered it the same day. I had the kit Monday 1/31/05 and took this picture. I've been looking for a small western saloon and realized this was it!
Within about 3 hours I had the basic structure completed. The only modification I made was to make the roof removable. I would like to have a detailed interior but not do it right now. It also depends on where it ends up on the layout if I will add the interior detail or not. I was surprised at how small this structure is. It is only about 1 1/2 inches wide!
Tuesday 2/1/05 I finally got around to painting and weathering the building. I like how it turned out. Although it seems a little like some of the colors don't blend in together I think that is fine when on the layout and not against a white background. I'll also add more chalk and do more blending when the town gets all put together as a scene.

The Kik'n Jack Saloon is open and ready for business!
I watch a show called Western Tech. It's about the technology that was new back in the old west. The same night I finished this kit the episode was about saloons! Weird or cool coincidence.