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Interior Details

These detailed kits are from Keystone Locomotive Works.

6' Band Saw
From this .....

to this!

This is the first shot I took of the band saw in the sawmill. No cropping or color correction in PhotoShop! Then I realized that the saw was on the wrong side :) There will be two of them.
Here it is on the correct side along with the shotgun carriage.
Shotgun Carriage
Over head shot of the band saw, shootgun carriage, live rolls and edger. The live rolls have not been finished painted or weathered in this picture. The sawfiler's floor is also removed for the picture.


Interior shot. Note that the walls are now painted white and the stairs leading up to the sawfiler's room have been installed.


You can see the white interior walls and though blury, the windows are installed!!!


Live Rolls
Cut-off Saw
Transfer Table