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Hyde Pulp Mill

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The first three main buildings with walls and roof. Only the office has windows and details.
The laser cut walls ready to be put together.

*click on the following two photos to see them larger*

Getting the footprint and placement of the buildings.

around 12/99

You can see the computer boards which will control the lighting and sound effects. Eventually I placed these inside the large building. (It has a removable roof.) I accidentally had it on overnight and the heat sink was just warm to the touch (not overly hot.)

The next five photos show the progression of the dock being assembled.
The first loco on the dock!

Here's a view of the mill connected to the Switching Layout. It's hard to use at this point because it's mostly a work bench! The buildings aren't much further along but you can see the murky water.


Here are some new pictures of an old friend. These modules were moved and all the parts to the mill are not back on it yet. Someday I hope to finish it but other projects have been calling my name. This was my second craftsman kit and I have learned a lot since starting it and I am looking forward to the day when it gets the attention it deserves.