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Camp Car Module

Here is a one by three foot module so I can display the Camp Cars. I took the picture the last time I was in the Santa Cruz mountains when I was Engineer for a Day at Roaring Camp. I printed it on 4 1/2 pages and glued them to 1/4 in. plywood.

I cut some triangles out of plywood and attached them to the wall to have a place to put the module when I'm not working on it.
Even though it is pink now, it's going to be a nice display module for the Camp Cars which are coming along.


Here is my first scratchbuilt pine tree! It's the same tree. The one on the right just has a white background whereas the one on the left has the Camp Car Module behind it. I followed the instructions as listed on the web site. This one does not have the Selkirk Scenery netting (I have it on order.) That just makes for a little fuller tree. I'm excited about how it turned out and am ready to start making LOTS!!!