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This is shows the beginning of the new track plan. Because of the distortion of taking multiple pictures and stiching them together, it created a rounded look instead of being straight.

• On the left you can see where Hyde Pulp Mill is located.
• In the center and left is where a modified version of the "timesaver" module is now located.
• With the new change dual gauge track now runs the full length (9') of the modules.


It's great having track work that works! After having a test track for a long time I finally laid the new track, soldered it, ran track feeders (still need to run more), and begun ballasting it. This is also the first time I've really used the uncoupling magnets. Now I feel like I'm really operating my trains! I have modified the "timesaver" track plan and enjoy the simplicity and functionality of it. When I connect to a larger layout (someday way in the future) it will be a great operational aspect of the layout. I was surprised that I can have seven locomotives and ten cars running around in 18 inches by 9 feet. One of those locos is a Big Boy! Most of the locos are just sitting but with DCC I can have them doing whatever I want them to. They don't get too much in the way to play the "timesaver game" but it is really tempting to use more than one.


A better view of the track plan. The track is mostly secured in place. These three modules (only about a third of the Pulp Mill module is showing on the left) were just moved into a new room. Daddy thought he should give the nursery back now that there is a new baby (a nice surprise for Mommy.) Besides it fits better in the office now that I got a new desk.

This will probably be the last picture without all the buildings in place.

Do you think she's having too much fun with the trains. Nope. It's all about having fun!


Now it's time for some serious fun!

I've completed a couple more buildings. Look for them here soon. 3/4/06