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The Depot is part of the Black Rock Falls layout section.

This is my first Paper Creek kit. I saw them at a train show and couldn't believe it! Think of it as a cross between a wood craftsman laser-cut and etched brass kit. It's laser-cut so the pieces come out easily and where it bends to make the folds there's a light laser-cut line. Where the trim work is you glue on thin pieces so it builds it out to make it 3-D but a majority of the 3-D look is in design of how it's printed. The main building goes together quickly but adding all the details takes time. I worked on many other projects and kept coming back to this one. Now that I'm nearly done, it's looking great and I'm getting excited! I'm also glad I didn't finish too early because now I know where it's going and I printed my own signs.
The main walls go up fast.
The kit comes in a very compact package.
This view shows my workbench in the office upstairs where I started this kit. Where I actually finished is on the kitchen table while watching TV with the family. I used the cutting board as a tray to carry everything back and forth.
Above left shows the flat wall without any details added. There is some dimension but above right shows how after the trim pieces are added there is more. Below you can see it is coming together.
Here I am working on the cutting mat at the sofa table putting on the shingles on the roof. Prime TV listening (and occationally viewing) spot.
Detail shot showing the finishing up of the roof. There is a template showing the angle of the cut needed before gluing in place.
It's done! I added some chalk to the roof to dull and give it a little more texture. I glued the roof on (which I usually don't so I can keep access into the building) but I haven't glued the building to the floor yet. I used a brown marker to "paint" the inside walls so they aren't white. You can see in the windows a little and I want to add a light bulb after it's on the layout. I think that coloring the walls also helps to keep the walls from "glowing" when the light is on. 10/12/07

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