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Black Rock Falls Depot
(Last updated 10/12/07)
Black Rock Falls Sawmill
(Last updated 9/20/07 - Built 2/2/06)
The community of Black Rock Falls contains several buildings. So far there is a tractor repair shed, depot, narrow gauge turntable, small sawmill and even a large bridge and trestle that span the Black Rock Falls for which the community is named after. Oddly enough, the bridge and trestle are standard gauge only while the track in town is narrow gauge only. (The lower, older trestle is dual gauge.) 9/20/07

Black Rock Falls Trestle
(and Bridge)
(being updated)
Narrow Gauge Turntable
(being updated)
Below is a preview showing the layout of Black Rock Falls. Click on the picture to go to the layout section. 10/12/07
Logging and Tractor Repair Shed
(Last updated 7/12/02)