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I built this trestle and bridge from scratch. The far left shows the template I made on a piece of board. The middle shows how all the pieces fit and the right shows one of the bents completed. It was easy to make a bent smaller or larger, if needed.
The bridge section of the trestle and bridge. The magnets helped to hold things in square while everything dried.
You can click on each of the above pictures to open them larger in a new window to see more detail.
1) The first one shows the template I made on cardboard for the curve of the track. I laminated several small pieces together to make the stringers. 2) You can see the food cans weighting down the track as the glue drys to make the stringers and track all one piece. 3) All the bents and trestle. 4) Gluing the bents in place, making sure they are square. 5) Another view of the gluing. 6) Lots of clamps and tape while things dry. 7) The completed trestle. Coming soon a picture of it installed (temporarily) on the layout where it will go after scenery is in place.