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Climax Locos
The Climax Locomotive is one of three main types of geared steam locomotives.
There are three distinct classes of Climax Locos:
  • Class A: Generally under 17 Tons and usually built on a flatcar or boxcar-like body. Two vertical cylinders mounted in the center of the loco.
  • Class B: Between 17 and 60 Tons and looks more like a regular loco. Two cylinders on either side of the boiler, permitting it to be longer and larger than the Class A.
  • Class C: Over 60 Tons with a three-truck design.

For more info on Climax Locomotives, see
Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Class A T-Boiler Climax
(Last updated 4/2/06)
10-Ton Class A Vertical Boiler Climax (HOn3)
(Last updated 4/2/06)
50 Ton Class B Climax (w/sound)
(Last updated 4/2/06)