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10-Ton Class A Vertical Boiler Climax (HOn3)
Construction Photographs:
At first, this construction was a little overwhelming, but once I got started the hardest part was finding the time to work on it.
The small Life-Like SW 1200 N scale loco was the starting point for the motive power.


Here are most of the parts before assembly. The kit (only the white resin castings and instructions) are from Mark Rollins.
The kit and additional detail parts were purchased from B & F Hobby Shop.


This picture shows that I was able to add a Z scale decoder from Digitrax.
I also was able to convert it from HOn30 (same as N scale) to HOn3.
•new• Info on the conversion.


I'm making some good progress. It's exciting to have a locomotive that can run on my HOn3 track and pull my narrow gauge cars.


The engine on the locomotive is almost complete.


Looking good with the canopy on.


On the layout. There's plenty of wood for the fire.


Construction is almost finished. I just couldn't wait to get the first coat of paint on.


View from a tree.


The Climax is finished! It's great to have a small narrow guage locomotive for my small but growing narrow guage railroad. It is quite a difference to see a narrow flat car next to a standard guage flat car.


A few more photos will be coming. I remembered there are some final details yet to come like an oil can, rags, chain, hose, shovels, etc.

A standard guage Class A Tee Boiler Climax next to the newly completed narrow guage 10-Ton Class A Vertical Boiler Climax.


Finally finished with details added!


The side not seen in any of the photos above.


03/02 Update:
I recently found out "that on the vertical boiler Class A Climax the water tank end was considered the front of the locomotive."
Whereas, "with the adoption of the horizontal style boiler that the boiler end of the locomotive is now considered the front but that the engineers controls are still in the same position as on the vertical boiler locomotives, placing the engineer on the left side of the locomotive. This configuration never changed throughout production of the Class A Climax."
Text and photos from:


Exciting news! I won First Place in Structures and Second Place in Locomotives at the Logging Modelers Convention! It was great to be able to share my work with others and to hear their feedback as well as general conversation about modeling at the convention.

•new• Info on the conversion
As for the conversion from N scale to HOn3, it's a little hard to explain. I tried just moving the wheels but the dark blue side frames kept pushing them back so I clipped them (on one side only). I gauged the wheels using a NMRA gauge (carefully prying with pliers) and this left a gap of several scale inches. I used a piece of styrene and glued it to the side frames to keep them the new distance apart. Looking at it from the end the body now is slightly off center but this doesn't bother me because it runs really well. I suppose you could cut the frames on both sides and extend them evenly but that would be a lot harder and it's such a small measurement. Just remember if you only cut one side of the frames to cut the same side for both trucks.
(I'll try to post a detail picture soon.)
The Climax finally has a place to call home.
Click here for the Micro Layout or click the picture to enlarge it.


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