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Favorite Train Award
HO/HOn3 Dual Gauge (BWT) Backwoods Work Train
This train was entered into the model contest at the 24th National Narrow Gauge Convention in Santa Clara, CA September 1-4, 2004 and won 3rd Place for Favorite Train. Having the ballast on the track put it into the diorama catagory so I entered it without even though it helped emphasize the dual gauge. (The ties are twigs that were glued to the base and sanded flat before the rail was glued on.)

The train is made up of the HOn3 Climax locomotive, 2 HOn3 Backwoods Log Train cars, Dual Gauge Idler Flat, and 2 HO Backwoods Work Train Cars. (Scroll down for larger pictures.)

The award is a 1" thick piece of Redwood root. (From a dead tree.) It was varnished with seven layers and a special train end casting was made. It is very creative and I like it a lot!