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Same as the last entry: I've been building rather than posting. Here's my first On30 car. No, not changing scales, just a branchline. Water and Sand Cars.

I've made progress on the railroad over the last year. It's just that I've spent time on it (and other family things) instead of updating the website. I did just update the Black Rock Falls Trestle page with at least one more picture to come soon.

I've updated the Misc section including some pictures of my workstation in my office at home, the stagecoach I did a long time ago and information about adding a link to your website.

The Black Rock Falls Depot is finished! It's a kit from Paper Creek.

The community of Black Rock Falls is starting to take shape. I've started creating the webpages but they're not all there yet. The small, rual Black Rock Falls Sawmill has it's page up and running.

It's been awhile since an update has been posted. Well, there has been progress made and I'll try to catch up with showing it. Here is the fist one: Dolbeer Donkey.

I finally uploaded a picture of the disconnects I built over the summer.

My 3 Truck Heisler now has sound too!!!

Huge Trestle and Bridge mostly finished. Now I need to name it and make the web page.

I've added sound to my HO Class B Climax! (A QT movie too.)

I've updated the Steam Locomotives navigation. More content to follow!

Page on my (Lego) Santa Fe Locomotive is up.

Info about my Favorite Train award.

My first "Craftsman Kit" has it's own web page now! A Thru Timber Bridge built in 1995.

Finished redoing the menu for the entire site!

Jared's Dry Goods is a finished kit of a building under construction.

I made my first scratchbuilt pine tree!

The web page for the Lone Pine Lumber Co. MoW Speeder is now online.

The web page for the General Store is now up. It was started 2/17/05.

The Slatyfork Sawmill is finally getting it's machinery!

The Kik'n Jack Saloon is open and ready for business!

Twin Mills at Lost Canyon has the Old Mill up and running.

The track is finished for the Backyard Riding Railroad! There is a 2 1/2 min video too!

The Backyard Riding Railroad (Koi Pond & Playground RR) will soon be getting it's loco!

I'm working on Railroad Camp and the Slatyfork Sawmill at the same time so keep checking both.

The flat car for RR Camp was done in one night!

New pictures of the Hyde Pulp Mill. No new work. All pictures have been optimized for a faster download.

A Goose has been added to the roster. Two QuickTime movies let you hear what it sounds like.

Here's how I cut the tar paper roof strips for the Sawmill. It's my first "mini-clinic" :)

Info on my updated email.

The walls are being framed for the Railroad Camp! (It's a group project- come read about it.)

The crew of the Lone Pine Logging Company has started construction on the Slatyfork Sawmill!

The Cookhouse and Dining Cars have been started.

The Company Office is finally seeing the light of day!

I am scratch building a Camp Car that is all broken-down.

The Camp Cars have been added to, take a look. Also to go along with them a display module.

More Exciting News!

Progress has been made on the Micro Layout! Detail pictures added.

I've added a GuestMap and a counter to my homepage!

Work has begun on the HOn3 Micro Layout!

The Lone Pine Lumber Co. recently converted some flat cars into Camp Cars!

L&T Repair Shed progresses!

Greeley's Place is done!

New pictures of the best operator on my layout.
Construction has started on Greeley's Place.

I won First Place in Strutures and Second Place in Locomotives at the Loggers Modeling Convention!

Construction has started on the Logging and Tractor Repair Shed

Updated picture of the timesaver modules.

Updated pictures of work done on the Hyde Pulp Mill

The Wood Cutters Shack is finished!

Update on the Loco page. Sountraxx added to a Shay.

Click on the Layout link for an update on my new track plan.

A note about the new navigation: Each of the drop down menus links to a page even if there is or is not a sub menu. If your browser does not support java script there will be a site map page soon.

Need custom handmade turnouts?

I was "Engineer For a Day" at Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad!

Sign my GuestMap! It's a guest book with a map so you can show what part of the world you're from.

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Here is my first scratchbuilt pine tree! I followed the instructions as listed on the web site (This site has been taken down.) This one does not have the Selkirk Scenery netting (I have it on order.) That just makes for a little fuller tree. I'm excited about how it turned out and am ready to start making LOTS!!! You can see another picture on the Camp Car Module.


Super Exciting News!

For more information about this award, goto this web page.

More Exciting News! 6/1/03

I participated in the Switching Contest at the PCR Coast Division Meet. It was the first time I tried it even though I saw it when the National Convention was in San Jose. The person running it said he had never seen someone do the 5 car problem in under seven minutes and move up to the Senior Brake Person with 6 cars on their first try. I was nervous but I did it and received the Insulator Award! I was also lucky enough to win 3rd place in the Senior Brake Person! What fun and I almost didn't go!

New Exciting News! 3/17/03

I was "Engineer For a Day" at Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad! It is a program they offer and my wife signed me up for my birthday! It was so much fun! and I actually got to drive for a short distance up the mountain! More pictures and info to follow.

Exciting news! 12/2/01

My daughter just turned two in November. Last week she began running my trains! I showed her the throttle and how to use it (speed faster and slower and reverse button). I would say go faster and she would speed it up, go slower and she would slow it. When the loco was getting near the limit of the module I would tell her to go the other direction and she would push the button. Sometimes she would just push the button and I said, "What are you doing?" and she would laugh and push it again. It was fun throwing the switches while she moved the loco around the layout. She's only 2!!!

One of her first words was train and shortly thereafter Shay! (She says Shay whenever I point to one in my display case.) It's appropriate that the first locomotive she ran was a Shay!

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